A Mercury Retrograde Story [ENGLISH]

 Photo : Caraz

Photo : Caraz

For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been talking and teaching about the medicine of Mercury Retrograde.  It is one of my biggest wish to unravel the false and over simplistic ideas that we have of this transit, so that people can start to use it efficiently.  Popular astrology loves to spread the myth that as Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, seems to be moving backward in the sky, our lives turn to shit and all hell breaks loose.  


This is kind of true… but not really.  Often times, the «shit hitting the fan» aspect of this transit is a symptom of the resistance we feel when things don’t go as we had originally planned.  And that is part of Mercury’s teachings : reminding us that we don’t control anything. When Mercury retrogrades, his medicine changes from the Magician to the Trickster : his intention is not to ruin our lives, but to play with us a little. He wants us to work on making our minds more flexible so that we can learn to react to the unexpected with ease and softness. Think Buckley’s cough syrup: «it tastes bad, but it works great.»

Retrogrades happen to help us internalize the function of a planet.  Mercury is the planet of communications, transportations and it rules the left side our brain. It governs our rational mind and help us assimilate information.  When retrograding, Mercury fucks with the outer communication channels - the ones that connect us to others - and invites us to work on our inner channel of communication.  This is a powerful time to feed our creativity and develop our intuition.  


If you really want to understand how this transit is unfolding in your life, you need 2 things : (1) know where this retrograde fall in your chart (2) observe and take notes.


As a Libra rising, this Mercury Retrograde in Aries is happening in my 7th house : the house of marriage and partnerships. This means that, in this cycle, I am being invited to learn and integrate stories regarding these specific themes in my life. Funny enough I did have 3 exes and crushes coming up to me in the most random ways. In Astrology, Houses work hand in hand with their opposite house : meaning that that 7th house works in pair with the 1st, in what we call an axis. The axis of self-determination (1st house) vs cooperation (7th house).  In other words, me vs others.


Just the other night, I was invited at an insane full moon party where I didn’t know anyone. Mercury working its retrograde magic, of course I managed to come face to face with an old friend I hadn’t seen in over 12 years.  She wasn’t a real friend though, more like a toxic person who used to hang out with the same crew I did.  But you know, time goes on and people change, so I try to offer people a chance to show they grew wiser and nicer with time.  

After making eye contact, I enthusiastically went up to her to say hi.  She acted happy to see me, but I could smell her indifference. I turned around for a few seconds and as my eyes fell back on her, I saw her telling a friend to move away because I was a loser (I actually saw her put her thumb and index to her forehead LOL). I was astounded. Not only did I have no words, but I also profoundly did not give a fuck.  From the bottom of my heart : no fucks were given.  And that was a completely new feeling to me. With a Scorpio Sun and a Cancer Moon, I tend to be extremely sensitive. But this time, I felt very confident and good about myself. This was saying so much more about HER than it did about ME.

We only let people get to us through the cracks where we feel empty and need some kind of validation.  Where we feel full and complete, we are unphasable. The cracks are also fucking important : they are for YOUR people to shower them with love and tenderness.  YOUR people are the ones who want to see your grow - but ill-intentioned humans will see your open wounds as an opportunity to make you feel unworthy in a poor attempt to fill their own void.

The medicrocrity of their attempt says NOTHING about you. It only reveals the depth of the healing that they still need to do on themselves.  

This story is very simple : my mind had known this information for a long time.  But somehow, this situation moved this information from my mental space to a deeper unconscious level. I felt like I not only knew, but had also integrated the knowledge that created a shift of perspective.  In a much deeper way than ever before.

So THANK YOU, Mercury Retrograde.  
You are a blessing.